turnkey solutions to fit your needs

Our product development capabilities are designed to make high volumes and complex supply chains invisible to our customers. We work directly with you to achieve the flavor profile you want, all while providing portion control and peace of mind.


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  • Contains 2 to 6 components
  • Can be customized to fit unique flavor profiles
  • Provides the perfect amount of toppings for salad kits

Portion-controlled Packets

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  • Contain crunchy items like croutons, wontons, tortilla, and chips
  • Also additional items like dried fruit
  • Even blends of items like dried cranberries and pepitas to cater to your price point or dining experience needs

USDA Protein

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  • Bacon bits
  • Chicken
  • Capabilities are always expanding


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  • Everything bagel, cracked pepper, and other trendy seasonings
  • Comes in pre-portioned stick packs
  • Also in smaller, sealed packages


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  • Parmesan and mozzarella, cheddar, you name it!
  • Come prepackaged for easy control
  • And a variety of specialty cheeses

the options are endless

We pack hundreds of ingredients and make millions of packages a week. The options of what you put inside is only limited by your imagination.