Following company growth, Latitude 36 Foods unveils new brand identity

Salinas, CA – We at Latitude 36 Foods, the leader in portion-packed goods and salad condiment kits, have undergone a rebranding effort in response to exponential growth in our industry. With great expansion plans on the horizon, our new logo reflects our commitment to independence and excellence. Elements of the signature Latitude 36 Foods blue waveform were retained as an homage; however, we think it’s time to break out of our shell and show the world just how big we plan on being.

Since our transition in 2016, we’ve expanded from our headquarters in Corona, CA, bolstered our plant in West Chester, OH, and opened a brand-new plant right here in Salinas, CA. We’ve taken a stance as the industry leader in portion packaging by offering customizable and unique products for our customers and have risen as disruptors in a competitive and niche marketplace.

That’s why we’re excited to announce we’ve unveiled a new logo and a new look across our platforms. However, the company’s rebranding is not just cosmetic. Our company leaders have also revealed their internal rebranding efforts as they continue to foster innovation, and a great workplace environment to retain and attract the best talent. Additionally, we have raised our profile to provide educational content to our customers, building a greater connection with our audiences and growing our business at an unprecedented rate.

“At Latitude 36 Foods, our team works together to exceed the expectations of our customers” said Leslie Surber, President of Latitude 36 Foods. “Our new logo and branding highlight our innovative spirit.”

“In keeping with our mission of delivering deliciousness in every package, this rebrand is an exercise in innovation” said Tobias Wisner, Marketing Coordinator “We’ve decided to break out of our waveform and take on newer and exciting challenges, and it’s time our brand reflected our intrepid spirit.”

About Latitude 36 Foods

Latitude 36 Foods is the premium provider of modern portion packaged food solutions. In 1975, this family business began by providing portion-packed croutons to leading fresh-cut produce companies. Since then, we’ve expanded our capabilities to include anything you want to put in a bag. We’ve chartered three strategic locations to meet our customers’ needs from East to West. That means you can rest assured—no job is too big, and no distance is too great for us to exceed your expectations.