I’ll have it to-go: Why portion packaging changes the game for takeout

Old habits often die hard, but in the case of the pandemic, we’re finding that even relatively new habits die hard too.

Case and point: the surging demand from consumers for takeout options at their favorite restaurants. While the pandemic increased the percentage of people ordering to-go in 2020, 39% of consumers still order takeout at least once a week in 2021. Customers continue to demand options when dining out (or in), and vendors are being pressed to respond.

How can a firm best answer this call? What tools do they have to get ahead to prevent from being lost in
the wake of this trend?

We’re so glad you asked! In terms of tools, businesses only need one: portion packaging. It’s a tactical advantage, saves time, and catapults a takeout experience into the future.

The effect of portion packaging is two-fold, both on the consumer and service sides.

For one, packaging can eliminate hassle on the part of the business.

Time-saving goes a long way. If employees were able to take a stored, pre-packaged condiment and throw it in a to-go bag, not only would it allow for faster order fulfillment, but it would also free up their time to move on to the next pressing task, ultimately saving money in the process.

When volumes for takeout meals are increasing, lost time can translate to countless dollars of lost value, just serving condiments alone.

That’s just the service side. Consider the consumer’s side of things.

According to The National Academies Press, U.S. consumers waste an estimated average of one pound of food per person every day, both at home and in places outside of it like restaurants. In an age where consumers are more conscious than ever about sustainability, the way we eat needs to be revolutionized, and that’s where portion packaging comes in.

When you portion pack your condiments, consumers are guaranteed to get the perfect portion of food at minimal cost toward the environment, and when 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions are associated with food that is not consumed, portion packaging is a clear solution that tackles this reality head on.

Not to mention they’re convenient. A key feature of the portion pack is that it provides a sustainable option while being hassle free. Just top your salad or snack with a pre-portioned amount of condiments and enjoy. It’s really that simple.

That’s the cornerstone of what portion packaging is— simple. It’s an easy way to tackle some of the food movements emerging in 2021, and consider us your experts. We’ve been doing this for 46 years, so if you want to learn more about how we’re leading this push to package, check out our website and see how we’re at the forefront of this trend that’s not going away any time soon.