Top three ways portion-packaging reduces food waste

 When it comes to optimizing America’s food supply chain, waste is a social and environmental issue that demands to be addressed. Nearly 72 billion pounds of food is lost each year at every stage of the production and distribution systems. That’s roughly $161 billion dollars’ worth of food ending up in landfills! This is clearly not sustainable, which is why Latitude 36 Foods is committed to reducing the food we throw away, and that all starts with what we do best—portion packaging.

These are the top 3 ways portion-packed goods can help in the fight against food waste:

  1. Portion-packs help you control what you eat.
    • Our packs allow us to conform to serving size recommendations without you having to do any measuring yourself. This translates to smaller, more various packaging sizes that help maintain flavor profile, all while preventing you from over-serving wastefully. The one-time-use functionality provides for perfect portion control, which ensures that food you eat is used every time.
  2. Portion-packs preserve shelf-life.
    • Portion packaging is about more than simply wrapping up your favorite salad condiments, it’s about maximizing their shelf life to prevent waste. Our packs are designed to serve as a moisture and oxygen barrier that prevents spoilage, bacteria, and mold—because food is more likely to get eaten when it’s fresh. This allows us to preserve products for longer, which makes it less likely that you’ll find our condiments in the garbage can.
  3. Portion-packs ensure safety
    • Especially considering the pandemic, portion packaging is an essential step to a safer, no-touch supply chain, with the added benefit of preventing food waste during distribution. Individually packaged items are much less likely to bear food borne pathogens, preventing waste from lack of food safety. You can rest assured that every ingredient coming from Latitude 36 Foods is safe, and that’s one less product wasted.

As you can see, packaging and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. In fact, portion packaging is a critical step in preserving, controlling, and safeguarding our food at every stage of the production system.  When it comes to food waste, portion packaging is a weapon to combat one of the biggest contributors to the global carbon footprint.