Day in the life – FSQA

Careers | October 5, 2021

Welcome to another edition of our Day in the Life series! We continue to be amazed by the feedback these articles receive, which is why we want to extend the spotlight over to our incredible Food Safety and Quality Assurance department, but we’re going to zoom out this time. Instead of just one member of […]

Day in the life— Logistics

Careers | August 26, 2021

In this edition of our Day in the life series, we’d like to turn the spotlight toward Oscar, our Transportation Manager, as well our outstanding Logistics department. It’s high time we told his story because the truth is Logistics is often the unsung hero of our operations. He’d like to let potential candidates know a […]

Day in the life – Product Development

Careers | July 28, 2021

In this next installment of our Day In The Life series, we’d like to introduce you to Shirin, our Food Technologist and one of the most integral members of our lean and mean Product Development squad.  She’s on the front lines of making sure we’re consistently creating new, fresh, and exciting flavor profiles for the […]

A day in the life – Customer Service

Careers | June 10, 2021

Welcome to our Day In The Life series! We feel that for you to get to know us, you also need to get to know some of the crucial members of our team. So, consider this a view into the Latitude looking glass, so you can see for yourself just how much our One Team, […]