I’ll have it to-go: Why portion packaging changes the game for takeout

Insights | September 23, 2021

Old habits often die hard, but in the case of the pandemic, we’re finding that even relatively new habits die hard too. Case and point: the surging demand from consumers for takeout options at their favorite restaurants. While the pandemic increased the percentage of people ordering to-go in 2020, 39% of consumers still order takeout […]

5 Reasons Why Quick Serve Restaurants should portion pack their condiments

Insights | July 7, 2021

The United States might be emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, but look around you and you’ll realize that some of the new norms we’ve gotten used to over the past year and a half are here to stay. Take that some Californians are still hesitant to take off their masks despite the dropping of the […]

Top three ways portion-packaging reduces food waste

Products | April 5, 2021

 When it comes to optimizing America’s food supply chain, waste is a social and environmental issue that demands to be addressed. Nearly 72 billion pounds of food is lost each year at every stage of the production and distribution systems. That’s roughly $161 billion dollars’ worth of food ending up in landfills! This is clearly […]

Why portion packaging is the next frontier in snack foods

Products | March 22, 2021

 Everyone loves snacks, but have you ever thought the role packaging plays in getting those snacks to the consumer? You’d be surprised to learn that many people haven’t.  Traditional snack packaging is often considered an afterthought. It’s another piece of marketing material that says, “Buy me!” or “Family Size!” with little purpose other than to […]